The following description of World War II is not meant to glorify war. It is how I saw war with my eyes which were wide open and only eighteen years old. I am seventy five years old now and can still vividly recall all that my young eyes have seen.

     The prefect fighting machine is a teenager who is still wet behind the ears. A time in a young persons life when they feel like they will live forever and they can do whatever is set in their mind. I can clearly remember thirteen major battles, days of total boredom, and hours of sheer panic. Eventually a young body becomes accustom to this way of living. After the initial fear, war actually becomes a very captivating game and I begun to look forward to combat.

     I am convinced that the natural human emotions of sorrow, love, and loneliness react like an oyster. When a grain of sand touches the soft inside of an oyster it will close its shell. Human emotions protect people in the same way. You reach the point where nothing can hurt you. No one could survive war if they let all the blood and guts get to them. As the years have gone by, I look at each hurt in life like the grain of sand in the oyster; another pearl of wisdom.
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